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Complex Numbers --- Complex.h

This file defines the complex data type and some basic operations on it.

Data Type: COMPLEX Variable [(InitReal,[InitImag])]
Declares Variable as complex number. If InitReal or InitImag are present, the real and imaginary part of Variable are initialized with these values. Example:

COMPLEX a(1.0);

declares the variable a as complex number and initializes the real part of a with 1.0 and the imaginary part with 0.

The basic operations +, -, *, and /, the unary operators + and - as well as +=, -=, *=, and /= are defined for complex data. Comparisons of complex expressions are possible with == and !=.

Additionally, the following functions are provided:

Constructor: COMPLEX COMPLEX (InitReal,[InitImag])
Returns/defines a complex number with InitReal as real part and InitImag as imaginary part.

Function: REAL Re (COMPLEX c)
Returns the real part of c.

Function: REAL Im (COMPLEX c)
Returns the imaginary part of c.

Function: COMPLEX Conjg (COMPLEX c)
Returns the conjugate of c.

Function: REAL Abs (COMPLEX c)
Returns the absolute value of c.

Function: COMPLEX Sqrt (COMPLEX c)
Returns the complex square root of c.

The imaginary unit is available through

Variable: COMPLEX I
Contains the imaginary unit, i.e. a value with a zero real part and a one as imaginary part.