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Head: Prof. Dr. Siegfried M. Rump

A Free Interval Arithmetic Toolbox for Matlab

The first official version of b4m is available on this site since With the release of this version all previously released beta versions are obsolete.

Short Description of b4m

The package b4m is a free interval arithmetic toolbox for Matlab 5.
b4m is an abbreviation of BIAS for Matlab.

b4m has been tested under Matlab 5.1, Matlab 5.2 and Matlab 5.3 with Windows and Unix Systems including

It should be possible to use b4m on a DEC Alpha, but there exists currently only a test version of BIAS for DEC Alpha.

b4m consists of two main parts:

In the nearest future there will be a complete documentation available in Since 19.3.1999 documentation in is available.

Sample Output of b4m

This small example shows (hopefully) some of the features of b4m.

Sample output of b4m

It has been generated using the code fragment

      A = interval(rand(10));
      b = A*ones(10,1);
      x = A\b
and afterwards taking a picture.

FAQ's, Bugs, Questions and Remarks

Prerequisites for b4m are Matlab 5 and BIAS. The Windows version comes with precompiled Mex-files (dll's), so there is no explicit need for BIAS.

It is possible to raise the speed of the Windows version by recompiling the Mex-files (this needs BIAS).

Installation - A Quick Reference

In order to install b4m on a Unix Workstation or Linux PC there are three simple steps to perform. For the second step you need a compiled version of BIAS.

For Windows 95/98/NT the package is available with precompiled Mex-files (dll's), so the installation process is much easier.

The Matlab directory might be somewhere else on your system, in that case simply modify the statements above to fit your system.

Download b4m

Comments and Credits

A new BIAS building upon BLAS is on the way ;-).

Jens Zemke
TU Hamburg - Harburg
Schwarzenbergstr. 95